About metric_fu

Metric_fu is a set of metric tools that make it easy to generate metrics reports. See the list of metrics the gem includes It's designed to integrate easily with CruiseControl.rb by placing files in the Custom Build Artifacts folder.

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Example Output:

Metric_fu began its life as a plugin for Rails that generated code metrics reports. As of version 0.7.0, metric_fu is a gem (owing to the excellent work done by Sean Soper) and is hosted on GitHub at http://github.com/metricfu/metric_fu.


Use the Google Group: http://groups.google.com/group/metric_fu


I'd like to thank the authors of Saikuro, Subversion, Flog, Rcov, CruiseControl.rb, and Rails for creating such excellent open source products. Also many thanks go to Andre Arko, Petrik de Heus, Sean Soper, Erik St Martin, Andy Gregorowicz, Bastien, Michael Schubert, Kurtis Seebaldt, Toby Tripp, Ali Aghareza, Paul Gross, and Chirdeep Shetty for their contributions to metric_fu.